Wildhorse Slot Canyon / Bell Canyon Loop


8.5 Miles Loop

750 feet of vert

Dog Friendly (Large dogs not recommended)

When I first moved to Utah one year ago, back in October 2015, I was itching to do a slot canyon. I read that this is best beginner slot along with Willis Creek by Cannonville, UT. This takes no technical equipment or skills.

All you have to do is know how to follow cairns and you'll be good. You'll see signs of human traffic much of the way and that's a good way of knowing you're on the track. You can either do a clockwise loop or counterclockwise. Stay to the right at the fork to do Wildhorse first. Once you emerge from Wildhorse Canyon, things tend to open up and you must follow cairns that will take you into Bells. Bells will take you back to the trailhead.

This is one satisfying loop. The slot gets very narrow in some spots and that's why I don't recommend large dogs.

On youtube, there are videos of flash floods in this canyon, so be careful out there! Bring extra food, water, and clothing in case you have to spend a night out there. 

Also, this place tends to see large crowds on the weekends since it's an easy slot canyon and it's pretty close to Goblin Valley State Park. If you look at my Google Map in satellite view you can see all the cars parked at the trailhead.