Wellsville Mountain Range - Skyline Trail


Mendon to honeyville

10.8 Miles

3,481 feet of vert

Dog Friendly

The internet says that the Wellsville Mountain Range might be the steepest mountain range in the world. The range isn't that big but they are very prominent. I certainly felt it going up and over them. I gained about 3,000 feet all in the first three miles. 

While researching the ridge trail up here, I've come to learn that the trails were made by Native Americans for hunting and people still use it for horse-riding pleasure. The views are unbeatable and a welcome sight after the sufferfest you'll endure hiking up to the saddle. 

The trail starts in Mendon at the Deep Canyon Trailhead. View my Strava map for directions on how to get there. Take the Deep Canyon trail up to the saddle and continue your way south to the ridge. Note: If you don't have a shuttle car in Honeyville, then I recommend walking right here and summiting that peak then heading back down to summit Mendon Peak then once you've felt satisfied you can head back down to your car. Anyways, stay on the Skyline Trail heading south and you'll start to find yourself slightly heading down the side of the mountain into a grove of pine trees. This rough trail will take you all the way down to the gravel roads that run parallel to the mountains on the Honeyville side. Be careful to stay on the trail going down. I missed a turn and had to end up taking a less than ideal route down. 

Note: view the Strava Map on a computer for a more detailed map.