Rattlesnake Trail to Box Elder Peak and Wellsville Cone


10.1 miles out and back

4,800 feet of vert

dog friendly

Difficulty: Hard. It's continuously steep the whole way to Box Elder Peak

Be sure to use the google map below for exact trailhead location. It's not easy to find if you don't know what you're looking for. It's right off Hwy 89/91 in Sardine Canyon and there is a barrier preventing a left turn into the parking lot. You'll see a cell phone tower. Keep that in mind after you drive further down the highway and do a U-Turn to head back toward the trailhead. 

Once you park, you'll have to open up a big gate that is there to keep wildlife from crossing the road. Make sure you close the gate door behind you. From there just head down the dirt road until you get the wooden post that has a trail book you can sign. Continue on the trail to the left. You'll come across a couple spots where a trail will break off and head right. Don't go right ever. Staying to the left will take you up to Box Elder and up to the Wellsville Mountain Skyline Trail. 

The trail up to Box Elder is ridiculously steep but with great views! It's roughly 1,000 feet of vert per mile going to up the Box. 

Once you hit Box Elder Peak, you should notice a trail heading toward Wellsville Cone. If you don't know which peak that is just check your phone's Google Map. You should have phone service up there. Take that trail to Cone and head back the same way to Box Elder and down back to your car. Easy breezy. The entire trail took me 4:16 hours and that's with stopping often to take photos and I jogged down. If you have any questions about the Wellsvilles, I'd be glad to answer! :)