Buckskin Gulch

We started at Wire Pass Trailhead. You have to take an easy dirt road down to it. I believe its the same TH for the Wave hike. 

Just follow the signs to Buckskin. It's maybe a mile until you start the slot canyon. It's jaw-dropping beautiful. Right away there is an obstacle you have to climb down. We went in March and encountered zero water. Usually, people have to do some wading but it just depends on recent weather. 

We hiked 5 miles in and turned around for a nice 10 miler. :) 

We had our dogs with us and they were no problem. Watch out for feral cows, though. We only saw one but the canyon is littered with cow poop. 

South Skyline Trail - Windsurfer Beach Trailhead

The trailhead is at Pineview Reservoir and the trail starts across the street. 

The trail is good trail running and mountain biking because of it's easy gradual climbing and not a lot of rocks. 

This trail is an alternate and longer option to Lewis Peak. It's 9 miles to Lewis as opposed to 5 from the North Ogden Divide. 





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Trailhead has bathrooms

Dogs are OK


Green Pond Loop

Plan for an easily runnable or mountain bikeable 5 mile loop. The trail head is right on the road and there is a small parking lot. The trail will start on the other side of the road. Check out the pictures below of the trailhead. 

Green Pond isn't even the coolest part of the trail. It's the glorious singletrack and the variety of trees that I liked the most. Along the trail, you'll see a signed titled- "Picnic Area". Check that out for an even larger pond! It's only maybe a 20 yard diversion. 

5 mile loop

622 feet of gain

Dogs are allowed on leash

Beware of MOOSE


Mt Ogden Summit Adventures

Yesterday, Teller and I made our way to Mt Ogden. We took the Malans Basin route. That's when you go to Malans Peak and keep going on the trail around the bend. You'll end up at a plaque talking about how a hotel used to be in that area. Crazy. Well, keep your eye out for a trail that goes the valley with Mt. Ogden in the distance. There's still a lot of snow and that snow was frozen solid and hard to get up! I knew I wouldn't be able to get down. 

We made it to the summit and then we were totally engulfed in clouds! I wasn't too worried at that point and went down the ridge to find the Beus trail to take down. Between all the snow and clouds, I didn't know where the heck I was. I did know I was heading down in the direction of the city. It was a long and painful bushwhack down. :(