Mt Ogden Summit Adventures

Yesterday, Teller and I made our way to Mt Ogden. We took the Malans Basin route. That's when you go to Malans Peak and keep going on the trail around the bend. You'll end up at a plaque talking about how a hotel used to be in that area. Crazy. Well, keep your eye out for a trail that goes the valley with Mt. Ogden in the distance. There's still a lot of snow and that snow was frozen solid and hard to get up! I knew I wouldn't be able to get down. 

We made it to the summit and then we were totally engulfed in clouds! I wasn't too worried at that point and went down the ridge to find the Beus trail to take down. Between all the snow and clouds, I didn't know where the heck I was. I did know I was heading down in the direction of the city. It was a long and painful bushwhack down. :(