Stewart Cascades - Sundance, UT

We've seen the falls in the summer and we decided we wanted to see them frozen. We had plans to just hike up to Waterfall Canyon in Ogden, but at the last second said screw it and hit the road fro Sundance. 

The trail was packed down and I had no problems using my Salomon Snowcross running shoes. We were so close to the falls when I noticed the trail just stopped.... an avalanche wiped it away! It must have just happened because I see the tiny snow slides still happening with balls of snow dropping down. It was pretty cool to watch! It looked like a tiny river of snow. 

We were in a tree grove and decided it was safe enough to sludge across to the final descent to waterfalls. If we were in a wide open area, then no way. We could have triggered a massive one.