Buckskin Gulch

We started at Wire Pass Trailhead. You have to take an easy dirt road down to it. I believe its the same TH for the Wave hike. 

Just follow the signs to Buckskin. It's maybe a mile until you start the slot canyon. It's jaw-dropping beautiful. Right away there is an obstacle you have to climb down. We went in March and encountered zero water. Usually, people have to do some wading but it just depends on recent weather. 

We hiked 5 miles in and turned around for a nice 10 miler. :) 

We had our dogs with us and they were no problem. Watch out for feral cows, though. We only saw one but the canyon is littered with cow poop. 

A Day in Moab - Utah

Sunrise in Canyonlands at Mesa Arch then we drove to Potash Road to start the Portal Overlook Trail. 1.5 miles up to a viewpoint. That trail starts at Jaycee Picnic and Campground area. Then we finished off with a hike to Fisher Towers. 

A Day in the MTNS || Meet the Achters

Meet Jeremy and Jackie Achter--local Ogden mountain runners. These two lovebirds love mountain culture and Ogden's trail running scene wouldn't be the same without them. Music: Hyde - Acoustic Folk Instrumental Puddle of Infinity - You and Old Know Love Equipment: Sony a6300 DJI Mavic Pro RODE Go mic EVO Rage gimbal

Spiral Jetty

Built in 1970 as an art project by Robert Smithson. Once you get past the visitor center, the road turns to dirt. It's well maintained and any car can make it! Follow the signs to the Spiral Jetty and have a good time!

There's no bathrooms at the jetty so be sure to stop at the visitor center before.