Perry Peak

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8.4 miles total - out and back

3,800 feet of vert gained

Summit Elevation: 8205'

Dog Friendly

Trailhead Restrooms: No

Difficulty: Strenuous because of steepness

Gear Used: Shoes- Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Pack: Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30




Let me start off by saying that I'm exactly sure what the name of the peak is. I can't find any info on it. It's the tallest peak between Willard and Brigham City, so I think Perry Peak is a good name to describe it. 

I've looked at this peak multiple times whenever I drive up to Logan. I've noticed that there were some trails and jeep roads up around it and I knew there had to be a way to get up from Perry Canyon, so today I decided to give it a go and had success. :) 

Trailhead starts at Perry Canyon, as seen on the google map. From there, follow the singletrack that starts at the little grizzly cut out. This is the only trail sign that you'll see the entire way up. So please look at my Strava map and study it. I would also recommend downloading the GPX route and uploading into your GPS watch.

Around .7 miles up, you have to look for the start of the singletrack that heads up the north wall of Perry Canyon. Again, there's no sign but it's pretty easy to see if you're looking for singletrack trail. Take that trail up until it levels up. From there, you can get a good view of the route. It's very wide open with minimal vegetation which makes getting lost or off path pretty hard to do. The next part is steep! Look for dirtbike and ATV ruts that shoot straight up the hill. That's where you're going so buckle up. After that it mellows out for about a half mile then you have to do another steep part. Total quad-burners. Then just follow single track up to a lower peak and take a breather and look north to Perry Peak. There's an ATV trail going to the top of it. Once you summit, head back down the way you came. 

This trail requires patience, trail sense, and a yearning for adventure because of the lack of trail signage. Just get out there and try it. I did it with only knowledge of what I've seen from Hwy 89 looking up at it.