Perry Canyon Mine


3.8 miles out and back

908 feet of vert

dog friendly - lots of water in the creek for them. 

A somewhat strenuous hike along a creek to an old mine. 

Follow the Google Map below for directions to trailhead. Once in the parking lot, start the hike at the little grizzly bear cutout and follow the mountain bike singletrack trail. A local, by the name of Stan Thompson, built this trail and it goes all the way up to Grizzly Peak. We'll take it for a little bit until it starts going up the mountain. Your goal is to stay in the canyon along the creek. 

I've attached my Strava map so you can study my route and use it. It's pretty easy to stay on the Perry Canyon Trail. When in doubt, pull up Google Maps and see if you're still on the Perry Canyon Trail. Around the 1.7 mile mark, start looking for the mine entrance. There's some photos below that should give you an idea of what to look for. In the banner of this page, I'm standing in front of it.