Wheeler Creek / Ice Box Canyon


5 Miles Round Trip (Out and Back)

950 feet of vert

Dog Friendly


The trailhead is right on Ogden Canyon Road at the mouth of the canyon (south side). Use the google map provided to get you to the trailhead as it's easy to miss if you don't know your way around. 

FYI, This trail is really popular with dog lovers. 

The trail starts at Wheeler Creek in a canyon with Wheeler Creek to your left. It's a mighty beautiful place and photos don't do it justice. At 1.2 you'll see a trail sign that points you to Art Nord Trail or Ice Box. I haven't been down Art Nord, but at the very end of Ice Box Canyon Trail there is a trail sign pointing to Art Nord Trailhead. Seems like it could be a nice loop. I'll get to that sooner or later. :) Anyways, at 1.2 miles, head down into Ice Box Canyon. This trail is sweet singletrack and watch out for mountain biker zooming down. Might be a good idea to leash up the dogs here. The Wheeler Creek trail is much wider and you'll get much more of a warning from incoming bikers. 

Once at the end of Ice Box Canyon Trail, you'll find yourself with nice views of Snow Basin and Mount Ogden. Turn around here or go explore some of Snow Basins trails like we did.