Waterfall Canyon


TRAILHEAD: 29th Street Trailhead



3 Miles round trip

1100 feet of vert

dog friendly

Trail: Forest Road, singletrack, and rock trail

Shoes Worn: Altra Superior 2.0

Trailhead Bathrooms: Yes



Could be the most popular hike in Ogden. Very popular with families and groups. I don't blame them! A huge waterfall is a nice way to spend a hot summer day. Avoid the crowds in the summer and hit the trail really early. Starting at the 29th Street Trailhead, the trail climbs 1100 feet in 1.5 miles. The section of the trail is actually more of a road. Follow trailhead signs to the waterfall once you hit the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. From there the trail gets somewhat technical and very steep all the way to the waterfall. When you get down from the waterfall, stay awhile and explore more of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail before you head back down to the trailhead. 

This trail is on private land and the owner, Chris Peterson, has and will close the trails off because of misuse of his land. Waterfall visitors are constant litterers and have vandalized the canyon walls with graffiti. I'd be angry, too. Follow Ogden Trails Network on Facebook for more up to date information on trail closures. 

Please respect the land and never litter and/or vandalize!