Hidden Valley Trail

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Trail Map:

5.4 miles round trip

2000 feet of vert

dog friendly

I think a lot of overlook this trail, literally! It's pretty easy to miss. There's no trail sign anywhere! 

Hidden Valley is a short beautiful hike. It starts right off the Indian Trail and is hard to see if you don't know where it is. Take the Indian Trail for .7 miles then start looking for a boulder staircase and that is the start. The entire way to the Hidden Valley is uphill and very rewarding with two lookout points along the route. You will notice that there might be a decision to turn on a trail or continue on. If you go straight, it's just steeper. If you turn left, it will switch back to the trail. My advice is to hike up the steep part and run down the switch back on your way down. Also, the second lookout point is a great spot during inversion season.