Ben Lomond Summit from North Ogden Divide


16 miles out and back

3,671 feet of vert

Dog friendly (Bring water)


Ben Lomond is that mountain that hovers over North Ogden with this grin on his face. After a good snow, it really looks like the mountain has a face. Ogdenites know what I mean. I wish I had a photo right now. 

The trail starts at the North Ogden Divide. There are bathrooms there, btw. 

Right away you're gaining some serious elevation on the switchbacks. Once you hit the ridge, you can catch your breath and until you get just beneath the summit. Here's the final push to summit and it is a beast. 

During the spring, there will be a good amount of snow on this back side and makes for some fun glissading. 

This is a very runnable mountain, with most trail runners finishing between 3 and 4 hours. Hikers....I've heard accounts of about 10 hours.