North Skyline Traverse - North Ogden Divide Trailhead to Perry Canyon

Once I got pretty familiar with the trails around Ben Lomond and Willard Peak, I knew it would be possible to traverse the mountain ridge all the way to Perry Canyon. I wanted to do it last weekend but there was too much snow up there. This past Saturday was perfect. 

I started around 11:30 from the North Ogden Trailhead and started my way up to Ben Lomond. This is a pretty popular trail and most people turn around at the peak and head back. The trail that links Ben Lomond and Willard is great. It a nice ridge trail with great views.



There is no trail that goes up to Willard Peak so you have to scramble your own way up. I didn't get a chance to summit this time because there was a storm moving right towards me and I had to hurry my butt into the basin for coverage. Once you're in the basin you take the trail down to a little mountain lake then past that is the forest road that you'll take for a mile or so. Lots of jeeps and ATV's on this road that came from Mantua Lake. Once you get to the large Willard Basin sign that tells a story you stay left and get off the forest road and follow that rough trail to Grizzly Peak. Once you get down enjoying the views just head down the trail towards Perry and that'll take you to the mouth of the canyon. The Grizzly Trail is gentle and smooth mountain bike trail with lots of switchbacks. It's about 10 miles from Grizzly Peak to Perry Canyon but the trail is very runnable going down and shouldn't take more that 1.5 hours. 


Strava Map of the trail. 


Here's a gallery of photos from the trip. :)