Wind Caves


4 miles - out and back trail

1,000 feet of vert

dog friendly

Another beautiful trail in Logan Canyon. Use Google Maps to get to the Wind Caves Trailhead before you enter the canyon since there is no cell phone service once you enter. As you can see on the map, there are numerous campgrounds around the trail. Expect to see some other people. This trail is heavily trafficked, but it sure is a beauty. I took so many photos when I did this. 

Once you hop on the trail, it's a no brainer to get to the caves. There is one spot where you have to look at a sign to point you on the right trail. The other trail is a route to Mt. Bierdnau summit. 

If you feel like you need more mileage, the Wind Cave trail can be combined with the 4.5 mile Crimson Trail that has a trailhead in the Guinavah - Malibu Campground across the street from the Wind Cave trailhead. I have a Crimson Trail report up if you want to check out those pictures.