Crimson Trail


5 mile loop

1100 feet of vert

dog friendly

My favorite trail in Logan Canyon. I love running along exposed cliffs and this satisfied that love. 

I always combine this run with the Wind Cave Trail across the street and just park at the Wind Cave trailhead for both trails. Here is the map for that: 

The most simple place to start the Crimson Trail is a Spring Hollow Campground. Head south up the forest road for about 100 yards and look for the Crimson Trailhead sign on the left. Head up the trail and follow it along the China Wall. This is where the trail gets so scenic! At the end of the China Wall part you will start a steep descent down to the Riverside Nature Trail. Turn left on that trail it will take you back to Spring Hollow. 

The other  trailhead is in the Guinavah Campground right next to a camping site. A little difficult to find, but it's there.