16 Miles (varies)

7000 feet of vert

dog friendly

If there is any reason to run up credit card debt for a flight to Europe this is it. 

I had the opportunity to live in Germany for 4 years and I'm so happy I did this trail because I would be punching myself in the face if I found out about this trail after I left and moved to Utah. This trail starts in Interlake. Fun fact: there is an Interlaken in Utah though that Interlaken doesn't have any lakes, just beautiful views of mountains. If you want to somewhat experience Switzerland here in Utah, you should take a drive to the town of Midway. They call themselves the Switzerland of America and even have a Swiss festival every year. 

Ok, so this trail starts in Interlaken a little by the train station. Check the google map and my strava widget for exact locations. From there it's a 3 mile uphill struggle to the Harderkulm. There you will find a some food, refreshments, and nice panorama of the Interlaken valley. We chugged some Cokes and bread here then headed on our way. From the Harderkulm, it's uphill through a forest before it breaches to the heavens. Be patient, the views and the ridge will come. 

This trail is really steep, both on the uphill and downhill. I don't remember trail running much. Even some of the downhill had some scrambling down. Once, I had to veer off to the side of the ridge so Tonka can make it past a steep obstacle. 

The best way to do this trail is to take it Brienz and take a little train down to the valley floor then take the a train back to Interlaken. I got a late start and had to run down before Brienz. Which worked out super well because I caught the last train going to Interlaken. Be safe and get to the train in Brienz before 6:30 PM! All of the villages between Brienz and Interlaken have train stations, so if you see a trail heading down and want to cut your trip short then do it.