Bair Canyon / Francis Peak Summit


10 miles

4,700 feet of vert

dog friendly

Bair Canyon to Francis is incredibly steep! I thought there were switchbacks to the saddle but it was just a straight shot up. It hurt so good.

Consult the google map I posted below on how to get to the trailhead. From the trailhead, it's a nice creekside trail that gradually goes up and up. After the third creek crossing, you can say good-bye to that! It's starts to get super steep here. Just keep on thinking about that sweet view up top and how you're going to tell all your friends you went to the those domes on top of the mountains. 

Some hunters up there told me that was a race on the Bair Canyon Trail up to Francis and it ended on the Farmington Canyon Road. It's called the Bairgutsman. It's held every August. 

In conclusion, this trail is hard to get lost on. There were no off-trails to confuse you. It's just a pure sufferfest up to Francis Peak. The views did not disappoint.