Fifth Water Hot Springs


About 5 miles round trip

991 Feet of vert

Dog Friendly

This is a pretty famous Utah destination. Who wouldn't want to soak in a hot spring after a short beautiful hike? At these special spots, it seems as though their beauty is killing themselves. There was graffiti on a rock wall almost immediately and just way too many plastic water bottles and beer cans thrown off the trail. We picked up a couple bottles but it would take a team with some garbage bags to get the job done. 

Anywho, the springs are 2.5 miles from the parking lot and the sulfur smell is about 2 miles :) It's a heavily trafficked wider singletrack trail that anybody can do. Don't worry about packing water for Fido since the trail runs along a creek the entire way. Just be sure to filter any water you want to drink because I'm sure it has touched many butts upstream. 

I wonder if there is anytime of the year when this place isn't crowded. I bet if you go really early in the morning, you'll be ok. With that said, we did find a spot all to ourselves to relax and soak. Most the hikers just went to look and didn't take a dip. Oh, there's also a handful of camping spots along the way.