Davis Creek waterfalls and indian bath tubs - farmington, UT


indian bathtubs and first waterfall are less than a mile from parking lot. the second waterfall is 2 miles up the trail. 

No trailhead toilets

Dog Friendly

1600 feet of vert


Look at the Google Map I've embedded for trailhead location. There are a couple different options for where to start the trail. We chose the Triumph trail since it was the first trail sign we saw since walking up the dirt road from the parking lot. Triumph starts with Davis Creek flowing to the right of it and it quickly switchbacks up the canyon wall and you'll start to head up toward the mouth of the canyon with Davis Creek very far below you to the south. Follow this trail and it will start to head back down to the creek to a red wooden bridge. The Indian Bathtubs are to the right and the waterfalls are to the left. I suggest doing the waterfalls first then viewing the tubs on your way back. Follow the trail signs for Hells Hole. You're going to have to do some exploring to get to the first waterfall. It's a sketchy path and kinda dangerous. Head back to the main trail back towards Hells Hole. This is really really steep! Be careful of slippery mud. Follow this trail all the way to the second waterfall. You'll see signs that give distance to the waterfall.